Our Philosophy

         At Tender Loving Care (TLC), we offer a complete preschool experience for children ages 3-5 in a loving environment. Our teachers are experienced in early childhood development, and have taught children at this age level for several years. 

         TLC focuses on the development of a child's social skills necessary for the rest of school life.  While our 3-, 4-, and 5-year-old curriculum has never emphasized academics, we have built a structured program which exposes the children to, and constantly reinforces, colors, shapes, the letters of the alphabet, numbers/counting, and develops skills which will enhance learning in later years: i.e. behavioral skills, self-help skills, language and listening skills, and gross and fine motor skills. 

         Our primary goal is to ensure each child is comfortable and secure away from home and parents and thus able to participate, discover and learn through a wide variety of fun experiences.  Activities are initiated by children are central to our program.  

         Opportunities are provided for the children to create their own ideas (pencil/paper/marker/stencil table, easel, block and toy play, and sandbox), experiment and pretend (house and kitchen play, construction play, dress-up), interact with other children and adults (craft and book work, circle time, planned field trips).  

         Play is also vital to learning, and thus vital to our programs.  Each child is given ample time for free, unstructured play during every class period.